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Navy Cutter 'Mellon'

Navy Cutter Mellon

Boat Data

Boat Type:Navy CutterLength over All:  27.88 ft
Class:940Beam:    8.10 ft
Shipyard:Draft:    3.94 ft (solid keel)
Height over Water:
Const. No.:1274Displacement:    2.50 to
Const. Year:1959Speed:
Foresail:  72.01 sq ft
Genoa:  86.11 sq ft
Mainsail:130.24 sq ft
Spinnaker:322.91 sq ft

Engine Data

Engine Type:3 LKNPower Ratio:22 kw (30 hp)
Manufacturer:GueldnerRevolutions:2,300 rpm
Aschaffenburg GERCylinder:3
Engine No.:Fuel:Diesel
Const. Year:


The Mellon was built in 1959, is made of wood, has a wood rigging (masts and trees) and has a sail area of approx 25.90 square foot (27.32 square foot). She was conceived as a lifeboat and has an inside board engine for this reason. If nothing else helps, there are four oars.

The Mellon is a special boat - she is the baking board cutter of the 'Deutschland' !

The training ship 'Deutschland (A 59)' served as training ship for the new generation of officers of the German Navy many years. She was entered service on May 25th, 1963 and as the training sailing ship 'Gorch Fock (A 60)' assigned to the Navy school Muerwik. On June 26th, 1990 the Deutschland was put out of service and went in 1994 for scrap to India.


Navy Cutter

ship-detail-drawing from 9-m-motorlaunch (© Juergen Eichardt)