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The contact to the active troop should be further strengthened. Just the neighborhood to the SSS Gorch, the Flotilla 1 and the Flotilla of the Mine Forces of the German Navy. These contacts will allow other interesting troop visits and give the opportunity to the active soldiers, for common activities together with the RC Navy Kiel on the water (Sailing or Traffic boat journeys) to plan and to experience.

The visits of civilian institutions, provided on contacts result should be extended accordingly. We would like to introduce to our members and the public, increasingly 'The new concept of the reserve' and the 'Regional protection and support forces (RSUKR') and give an understanding.

And the most important of course, is the education of new skippers and the training of active skippers and crews, as well as the enlargement of the knowledge in the areas of Seamanship, Security at Sea and the First Help at Sea, so that we can further perceive our order of the public relations.

New members whether active soldier, reservist or funders who want to actively contribute and appreciative the RC Navy Kiel, responsible take on tasks or activities and plan and perform, are welcome.