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After the RC Navy Kiel (Reservists Comradeship Navy Kiel) had "lain fallow" for some years, long-standing friends Dieter Stier and Manfred Heidenreich 1971 decided to revive the RK.

Old documents of the reservist association and many personal conversations with former members of the German Navy led to approx 20 reservists meeting at the beginning of 1972 and founding a new RC Navy Kiel. Manfred Heidenreich became chairman and Dieter Stier deputy-chairman.

The aims of the RC Navy Kiel were:

  • Deepening of the maritime knowledge
  • Contact to the German Navy
  • Care of the comradeship

To accomplish these goals, the executive board decided to offer sailing training. So a sailing cutter was made available by the active troop in Kiel and Ploen for education purposes. Theoretical training was carried out in the winter months and in the summer months practical training was offered by Heidenreich and Stier. In the following years quite a number of sailing licenses could be handed over and the number of members grew rapidly.

After many attempts by the executive board the RC Navy Kiel 1975/76 got indefinietly two from patterned sail Cutter for the training purposes free of charge made available by the German Navy. Now we can relax. We now sail almost daily and particularly at the weekend.

Besides participation in the cutter regattas at the annual Kiel week, the first long sailing cruise was carried out to Denmark for the home defense there in Assens (Fuenen) in 1976. Contact to the Danes led to friendships, still existing today.

Because of the steadily increasing number of members, it slowly became too cramped on the boats. The executive board tried intensively to be able to take over motorboats from the German Navy. Three motorboats thus became available (1 Captains Boat and 2 Traffic Boats) from the German Navy to the RC Navy Kiel. Now the RK, she had a little fleet.

The highlight of the annual activities became the four day long cruise. So the 30th long cruise could be carried out successfully in 2005.

At the beginning of 2004 after over 32 years of successful executive board work, a change was made- Manfred Heidenreich handed the scepter to over his comrade Frank Steffen. Manfred Heidenreich became an honorary chairman and is still advises the RC Navy Kiel.