Logo RC Navy Kiel


Under the leadership of the current chairman, a group of our members with a lot of work, time and money has restored the boats fundamentally. Today, the fleet has become a 'eye catcher' on the Kiel Fjord again. Nevertheless, the work on the boats will not go out during the next years.

The core of our association are the boats 'Kuddel', 'Kuestennebel', 'Kuddel' and 'Mellon', with which we undertake great education journeys. For example the annual Langtoern, Berlin journey 2009, Hanse Sail in Rostock, the planned journey to Stuttgart and many other journeys. All boats are popular at other Reservists Comradeships and guests from the German Army, Air Force, Navy and the Naval Arsenal. Everybody looks with pleasure on the water way the beauty of Kiel and appreciates our jewels.

The cutter sailings with schoolchildren, handicapped and stumbled youngsters became also a firm component of the annual activities, as well as our participation in the KID'S Festival and the support of Kiel Sailing City (camp|24sieben) from beginning. Our joint project with KielNET 'Naval Ctter sailing for Aults' is now already in the fourth year. The coaches and the press are full of praise for this successful work.

In addition, sports groups of HDW (German Shipyard HDW GmbH), ADMK (Abu Dhabi Mare Kiel), HSH Nordbank and the German Central Bank, use our Navy Cutter. However, the skipper are always member of the RC Navy Kiel.

There is an intensive cooperation with the ' Board comradeship SSS Gorch', ' RC Flight Service' and the Leisure organizer of the Naval Base Kiel. Thus the RC Navy Kiel offers together with the Leisure organizer educations for the members and active soldiers for ' Motorized pleasure craft on the waterways navigable by sea-going ships ' the 'Radiotelephone Operator's Certificate ', the 'Qualification Proof Pyrotechnics at sea' and 'Fishing License'.

In addition, the RC Navy Kiel do troop visits, visits on ships of the German Navy and on the basis of new relations, also interesting facilities beyond the Armed Forces.