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Navigation is, when you arrive anyway ...

The Reservist Comradeship Navy Kiel (RC Navy Kiel) has become with her boats an integral part of the Fjord in Kiel since the mid-1970s. Furthermore the boats are known in German as well as Danish ports and waters.

We currently have five boats: Two Navy CutterDinghy on warships that can
be rowed and sailed.
, two Traffic BoatsConnecting boats between the ships anchored in the roadstead and the port. and one Captains BoatConnecting barge (Commanders and Admirals) between the ships anchored
in the roadstead and the port.
. In recent years, the boats have been renovated with a lot of commitment and craftsmanship in the winter months. Today the fleet is again an "eye catcher" on the Kiel Fjord.

We want to give reservists, former and active soldiers the opportunity to acquire or expand maritime knowledge. Our boats and experienced members are available for this purpose.

We also take part in various events with our boats or take trips on the coast or inland. Reservists from other RK's and active soldiers are very welcome as passengers.

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For international visitors we offers an English version of our website.

It is limited to the main pages to inform you about us.


RC Navy Kiel

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