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Navy Cutter

Navy Cutter are boats and smaller ships described differently (word borrowed from the English cutter).

Cutter sailing boats are generally with a mast and two or three pre-sails. If the mainsail as a gaffsail is led, the cutter is described as a gaff cutter.

Navy Cutter are jolly boats of warships, one can row and sail this one. They have 10 to 14 straps for paddling. They are rigged as a ketch with a pre-sail, a lateiner sail as a mainsail and a peeking javelin sail as besan sail, they also have being urgent wisely peeking javelin sails at the two masts.

The Naval Cutter 2nd Class (K II K) was already used in the Imperial Navy as a combined training and transfer boat and was mainly used for the rescue service in the event of accidents. The naval cutter also served as a connection from ship to ship, from ship to land and vice versa.

The marine cutters used by the Navy today are made of GRP and are primarily used as training ships. The youth hiking cutter (JHK) was later developed from the hull shape of the K II K cutter.


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