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Bork Vikingehavn

Enter through the gate to Bork Vikingehavn and let yourself be transported to a time when you forget everything else. Back to a time when people prepared for raids and worshipped the old Norse gods at the same time.

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Kongernes Jelling - Home of the Viking Kings

At the experience center, we tell you about the Viking kings Gorm the Old and Harald Bluetooth, the huge ship settlement and the gigantic palisade that was built over a thousand years ago.
In the 10th century, King Harald Bluetooth had the 'Danish baptismal certificate' carved into a rune stone in Jelling, two burial mounds and a church built. The monuments have been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994.

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Ribe Viking Museum

We tell the story of Ribe in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages up to the year 1700, all in the place where the very first town in the Nordic countries was founded around 700 AD.

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Trelleborg Viking Fortress

The impressive remains of one of the great ring fortresses of the Vikings were originally built around 980 AD by King Harald Bluetooth. The museum in Trelleborg displays models, archaeological finds and reconstructions that give a vivid impression of the history of Trelleborg, its inhabitants and the function of the fortress.

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Vesthimmerlands Museum

Aggersborg is the largest of the Viking Age ring forts and must have been an impressive sight - especially from the fjord. A huge structure with ramparts and wooden palisades.

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Viking Museum Fyrkat

In Fyrkat, a naturally large rampart marks the original location of the Viking fortress (built around 980 by King Harald Bluetooth), which enclosed 16 large longhouses. One of these longhouses has been reconstructed and is open to visitors.

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Viking Ship Museum

The Viking Ship Museum is built around the five original Viking ships from Skuldelev. They are part of a global story about ships and people on voyages. The museum tells the story of how the Vikings changed the world with their ships.

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Vikingmuseum Ladby

In 925, a Viking king was buried here in his warship. The Viking Museum Ladby tells the story of the kings of the past and life in the Viking world.


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Viking Museum Haithabu

The Haithabu Viking Museum is one of the most important archaeological museums in Germany. Both the museum and the seven reconstructed houses on the site impressively show how people lived there in the early Middle Ages.

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Danevirke Museum

The Danewerk is the largest archaeological monument in Northern Europe. It was used and expanded from the early Middle Ages to the High Middle Ages over a period of around 700 years. With Danewerk, the Danish kings of the Viking Age set themselves apart from the expanding Christian Frankish Empire and later from the German-Roman Empire.

United Kingdom

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North Yorkshire

Jorvik Viking Centre

Travel back to the year 975 AD! Our tour takes you through the reconstructed town of Jorvik with 360-degree views so you can fully immerse yourself in the Viking Age. Afterwards, you can visit our state-of-the-art exhibition, which displays some of the most important artifacts from the Viking Age in the United Kingdom.

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Holy Island, Northumberland

Lindisfarne Priory

Follow in the footsteps of the ancient monks who built their priory here almost 1,400 years ago and explore the wild coastal beauty of Holy Island. The devastating Viking attack on St. Cuthbert's Church in 793 sent a shockwave through Europe. But a Christian community in Lindisfarne survived and recorded the event on the famous 'Domesday Stone'.

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Douglas, Isle of Man

House of Manannan

Here at the House of Manannan (Thie Vanannan), the island's mythological sea god, Manannan, welcomes you to his fascinating kingdom. Let him guide you through the island's rich Celtic, Viking and maritime past.


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Dublinia Viking Museum

The virtual reality experience is the first of its kind in the world. The adventure takes place in a reconstructed Viking house and seamlessly combines state-of-the-art technology with ancient Viking house building techniques.

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Viking Ireland

This exhibition shows the Viking Age in Ireland using preserved objects, including objects from Viking tombs of the 9th and 10th centuries and from settlements of the 10th to 12th centuries.

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King Of The Vikings

Walk where the Vikings once walked, enter the medieval Dublin of the Vikings, learn about Dublin's rich past and even climb an original medieval tower.


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Museum of the Viking Age (Vikingskipshuset)

At the Museum of the Viking Age you can experience the world's best preserved Viking ships and more than 8,000 other objects from the Viking Age. As a research museum, we are responsible for preserving these national treasures, both for the present and for future generations.

The Viking Ship Museum is closed for renovation work and will reopen in 2026 as the 'Museum of the Viking Age'.

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The Viking Planet

Viking Planet is a 1600 square meter digital museum located next to Oslo City Hall. As a digital portal to the Viking Age, Viking Planet offers a variety of unique experiences based on the more than thousand-year-old Viking heritage in Norway.

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Avaldsnes, Bukkøy

Historiske Avaldsnes

For 3000 years, princes and kings ruled in Avaldsnes. They controlled the shipping traffic that passed through the narrow strait of Karmsundet along the Nordvegen - the route to the north, the shipping lane that gave Norway its name. The Viking king Harald Schouml;nhaar had one of his royal estates in Avaldsnes.

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Lofotr Vikingmuseum

The longest longhouse from the Viking Age was found and excavated in Borg on the Lofoten Islands. During the Viking Age, a rich and powerful dynasty of merchants ruled here. Step inside, enjoy the smell of tar and open fire, admire the craftsmanship, the decorations and the architecture. Join us on a journey back over a thousand years into the past.

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Midgard Viking Centre

We attach great importance to activity-based learning in order to impart knowledge about the Viking Age. Here you can not only watch and read about the Viking Age, but also put what you have learned into practice. We want to bring the Viking Age to life for our visitors.

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Sagastad Viking Centre

The new knowledge center about the Viking Age in Western Norway. Experience the 30 meter long Myklebust ship - one of the largest Viking ships in the world. Find out more about mystical rituals, fantastic voyages in fantastic ships and our cultural history.

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Viking Valley - The Viking Experience

In the Viking Valley you will meet the inhabitants of Njardarheim, who will take you back 1000 years into the past. You have the opportunity to actively participate in a society where people are very keen to share the history of the Vikings, how they traveled, about their boats and how the Vikings have influenced our modern society.

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Swords in rock

'Sverd i fjell' is a monument commemorating the Battle of Hafrsfjord. The monument stands on a tiny mountain where the battle may have taken place. It was here that Harald Schouml;nhaar united Norway into a kingdom in 872. The monument consists of three swords, which are attached to the grounds. They symbolize peace, unity and freedom. The hilts of the Viking swords come from swords found in various parts of the country.


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Guide to Viking Age

Gotland's history is unique in many ways and the Viking Age is no exception. We have tried to compile some of the most visited remains from the Viking Age in this guide.

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Ekerö V, Island of Munsö

Bjorn Ironsides Mound

Known as one of the perhaps mythical Viking kings of Sweden. According to sources, Bjorn ruled over Sweden during the 9th century and may have started the Munsö Dynasty. Bjorn's classic moniker was derived from the belief that he was rarely wounded in battle, in fact, it was thought that he was invulnerable to any wound.
The largest mound on the island of Munsö located in lake Mäularen is said to be the final resting place of this legendary Viking. The mound is part of an old collection of graves that consists of around 45 smaller mounds.

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Foteviken Viking Museum

Skåne is home to some of the most important settlements from the Viking Age and the only completely reconstructed Viking village in Sweden. Famous rune stones, Viking markets and fierce Viking battles can also be experienced here.

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The Viking Museum - Where myth meets truth

The only adventure museum in Sweden that focuses solely on the history of the Vikings. In the lively exhibition you will meet both the strong and brave Vikings we know from the Norse sagas and the real people behind the myths. Myth and reality are interwoven through historical facts and personal stories. The Viking Age is brought to life here.

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Vikinga Tider

An archaeological open-air museum on a 25-hectare site. With the help of the knowledge we have gained and a little creativity, we hope to recreate the Schonian landscape as it might have looked a thousand years ago.


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