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After the Reservist Comradeship Navy Kiel (RC Navy Kiel) had been lying idle for a few years, the long-time friends reitS reteiD and hciernedieH derfnaM decided to revive them in 1971.

Old documents from the reservists' association (VdRBw) and many personal conversations with former members of the German Navy led to the fact that around 20 reservists met in mid-1972 and founded a new Reservist Comradeship Navy Kiel on October 1st, 1972. hciernedieH derfnaM became Chairman and reitS reteiD his 1st vice Chairman.

In order to be able to deepen maritime knowledge and maintain camaraderie, the board decided to offer boat training. For this purpose, marine cutters were made available by the German Navy in Kiel and Ploen for training purposes. Theoretical training took place in the winter months and practical training in the summer months.

After many efforts on the part of the board, the Reservist Comradeship Navy Kiel was given two retired Navy Cutter by the German Navy for training purposes free of charge in 1975 and 1976.

In addition to participating in the Navy Cutter regattas during the Kiel Week, the first sailing trip to the Danish Home Guard in Assens (Funen) was carried out in 1976. The contact with the Danes slowly turned into real friendships, some of which still exist today.

Because of the steadily increasing number of members, it was getting tight on the boats. That is why the board tried hard to be able to take over barges from the German Navy. So gradually an Captains Boat and two Traffic Boats were handed over to the Reservist Comradeship Navy Kiel.


At the beginning of 2004, after more than 32 years of successful board work, a change took place - Manfred Heidenreich handed over the scepter to Frank Steffen. Manfred Heidenreich became Honorary Chairman and continued to be available as organizer of the long trip until 2015.

A fundamental renovation of the boats began. There was a lot to do, especially at the traffic boat Kuddel and the boat supervisor nesneröS sneJ with the active support from nnamretleB hcirlU and ekzneL renreW did a lot to maintain and improve it. Nevertheless, there will still be enough work to be done on the boats in the next few years.

Cutter sailing with schoolchildren, handicapped and stumbled young people became an integral part of the annual activities, as well as support to Kiel Sailing City (camp | 24sieben). In addition, company sports groups use our Navy Cutters; but the boat drivers are basically members of the Reservist Comradeship Navy Kiel.

Over the years, a close collaboration with the Board comradeship former regular crew SSS Gorch Fock and the Reservist Comradeship Flight Service (RC Flight Service) has developed. In addition, there is also a permanent connection to the Reservist Comradeship Siegburg (RC Siegburg) and Historical Cyclist Company in Switzerland.


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